Shiitake mushroom
green km
rich in vitamin D

IoBoscoVivo Shiitake mushroom was selected MORE THAN 100 STRAWS of mushrooms. IT IS RICH IN VITAMINS AND MICROELEMENTS, in particular Vitamin D2 (it has a fundamental role in HEALTHY metabolism and is essential in important phases such as childhood, adolescence, female fertile age and in the elderly), B, folic acid, fiber and minerals. This is due to the EXCLUSIVE CULTIVATION METHOD tested BY US integrated with the growth on the wood and the exposure of mushrooms to sunlight. For this reason it is very rich in Vitamin D. In addition, our shiitake mushroom is 100% ORGANIC. Finally, it has molecules such as Lentinan, used in the prevention of tumors and Eritadenine, ALLIED TO REDUCE CHOLESTEROL.

WHY do you EAT
OUR SHIITAKE mushroom?

Shiitake IoBoscoVivo: Benefits

How much do you know about vitamin D?

If on the one hand it is known that vitamin D is essential to allow the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, on the other many activities are carried out throughout the body.

How is Vitamin D absorbed from our body?

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