Imprinting Child – Nature

Today more than ever, the need is felt for a return to nature that has been mistreated for years. What better way to return to respect it than by teaching children its beauty and importance. For this reason IoBoscoVivo is creating myco-botanical gardens with learning paths for the little ones. Up to now two botanical gardens have been created, one in Crodo in the province of Verbania and one in Finale Ligure.

1. Botanical garden in the Antigorio Valley
This first project aims to be the first Italian botanical-mycological garden. Born for the research and study of the autochthonous fungal varieties typical of the Antigorio valley and for the conservation of the forest ecosystem. This management model is in line with the main objectives and priorities dictated by the European Community, so much so that the “Botanical-Mycological Garden” program in 2011 participated in the international LIFE + Biodiversity call because it was in accordance with the guidelines: “Protect , conserving, restoring, monitoring and promoting the functioning of natural habitats, flora and fauna, in order to stop the loss of biodiversity, including the diversity of genetic resources, in the EU “.

2. Botanical garden in Finale Ligure
The second project, under construction, involves the creation of a botanical garden dedicated to ancient fruit plants and collections of flowers and plants in order to rediscover the beauty of nature that surrounds us, in particular referring to the new generations.


Create an exemplary application model for restoring the balance of the forest heritage. A place where young and old can freely explore nature and the ecosystem.


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